MHLFIT Public Projects

Floods Near Me NSW

Floods Near Me (FNM) is a NSW flood warning and information application modelled off the success of the Fires Near Me app developed by the NSW Rural Fire Service. FNM has been developed by NSW Public Works Advisory (PWA) in conjunction with Manly Hydraulics Laboratory using State Emergency Management Projects (SEMP) grant funding to provide a single geo-specific information service that customers can use to view flood information, road closures and flood warnings throughout NSW.

Floods Near Me image

The app consolidates near real-time data from the Bureau of Meteorology, NSW Office of Water, Manly Hydraulics Laboratory, State Emergency Services, Roads and Maritime Services and local councils in a single location. The app acts as a hub of information, providing timely warnings and observations to those who require it. FNM also facilitates user access to the relevant authorities who are able to provide further information on flooding in their area. It is designed to have multiple functional uses for people travelling throughout NSW as well as those who reside in flood affected areas.
Some current features of the app include:

  • User's current location or dropped pin
  • Road closed and water over road locations
  • Observed river gauge heights with interactive graphs
  • Compare, rename or create favourite river gauges
  • Flooded river sections (based on Minor, Moderate and Major flood levels)
  • Flood Watch and Flood Warning information from BoM
  • Evacuation Warning, Evacuation Order and All-Clear areas from SES

Nearshore Wave Tranformation Toolbox

The NSW Nearshore Wave Transformation Project is a collaboration between the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), Manly Hydraulics Laboratory and Baird Australia. The project has developed a suite of tools to efficiently transfer offshore wave conditions measured by ocean Waverider buoys, and simulated by global and regional ocean wave models, to nearshore locations along the entire NSW coastline.

Nearshore Wave Tool image

The foundation of the wave transformation tools is a database that stores pre-computed nearshore wave conditions corresponding to the full range of offshore wave conditions experienced along the NSW coast. The tools take observed or modelled offshore wave conditions and use the database to identify the corresponding nearshore wave conditions.

The database has been developed through a state wide high-resolution wave simulation study to better understand how ocean waves change as they move from deep ocean waters to shallow coastal waters.

The wave transformation database has been validated at limited locations only to date, and work is underway to measure nearshore wave conditions at representative locations along the NSW coast. The wave transformation tools will be progressively improved as high-resolution bathymetry and nearshore wave observation data become available.