Macleay MHLFIT

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What is Macleay MHLFIT?

Macleay MHLFIT is a MHL Flood and Coastal Intelligence Tool (MHLFIT) that provides near real-time monitoring of rainfall and water levels throughout the Macleay River catchment. Macleay MHLFIT provides information on actual rainfall and water levels in the area that indicate if flooding is likely.

During a flood event residents are advised to refer to the following:

  • Contact SES (Phone 132500) for flood warning advice
  • Listen to the local media, particularly Macleay Valley Community Radio Tank FM 103.1, who will be broadcasting advice issued by the SES
  • Listen to ABC Mid North Coast on either 684 AM, 92.3 FM or 95.5 FM
  • Refer to the Bureau of Meteorology Flood Warning Page for the latest official Flood Warnings and river height predictions

Rainfall Stations

Water Level Stations